Meet The Well Wishers International Team

Frank Balamaze

Mr. Frank Balamaze is a social worker, HIV prevention champion and a community organizer. He has for the last 10 years worked passionately towards seeing that children, young people and families in his home country of Uganda live their lives to the fullest.

Mr. Balamaze has worked on several projects addressing education such as the TRW (Teach Me to Read and Write) that provides children with basic literacy classes and helps enroll some of the children, whose families otherwise would not have facilitated their education, into primary school. He has also worked with several womens groups where he has helped them acquire hands on skills for income generation and small business entrepreneurship. He has spearheaded a number of projects where he has collected donations in the form of money and physical items to support children and people with albinism. 

Mr. Balamaze co- founded the Nets Against Malaria in Uganda (NAMIU) project, an annual anti- malarial project that provides free medical care and mosquito nets to several communities in Uganda. 

He is a Co- founder of Well Wishers International, and is in charge of program implementation in Uganda. 
Mr. Balamaze is skilled in designing, planning and implementing projects.
He envision’s a society with self- reliant communities where households are empowered to meet and address social, health and economic challenges where there are equal chances and opportunities for all people irrespective of their status.

Jeannie Wraight

Jeannie Wraight is a Health Writer and activist. She has authored over 80 published articles in patient magazines and medical journal articles. Ms. Wraight is a columnist for A&U Magazine where she writes a monthly column on research, political, social and medical issues relating to the search for a cure/remission strategy for HIV. She also contributes to several other magazines. She has attended over 75 HIV scientific conferences across the globe where she regularly reports on and disseminates their scientific finds. 

Ms. Wraight is a Co-founder of Nets Against Malaria in Uganda (NAMIU), an annual fundraiser and event which provides anti- malaria mosquito nets to children in Uganda, as well as testing and treatment for Malaria and medical care.

Ms. Wraight has sat on numerous Boards of Directors and Community Advisory Boards including AIDSAction (now known as AIDS United), Health People- a community- based organization in the Bronx, NY, the Mt. Sinai AIDS Clinical Trials Groups and the Pulmonary Hypertension Association Patient Advisory Group.

She is a Co- founder and serves as President for Well Wishers International.

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Monique DeNiro

Monique "Moe" DeNiro is a Digital Entertainment Magazine Publisher, a BlogTalk show host  and Social Advocate.  She is also a well-known and respected fixture in the Hip Hop and music entertainment community in Atlanta. 

Mrs. DeNiro has volunteered her time in the community serving non-profit organizations such as The Literacy for Youth Foundation and Junior Achievement, motivating and inspiring children about the wonderful gift of literacy through reading and learning. 


Mrs. DeNiro has long served as a Social Advocate. advising, assisting and facilitating her community, her family and co-workers into goal driven opportunities that enable them to explore life from an entrepreneurial perspective. A strong proponent of the, "Each One Teach One," philosophy, Mrs. DeNiro embraces the true culture and collectiveness of creating a strong and independent village.

She is a Co-founder of Well Wishers International, assisting with marketing, branding and fund-raising initiatives for each mission. She is also working fervently to create opportunities for collaborations and potential partnerships between American and African entrepreneurs for both business and educational opportunities. 

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