Gayaza is a small village in Kapeeka, Uganda, approximately 35 miles outside the city of Kamapla. Gayza is the home to 200 residents and will be the recipients of Well Wishers International's first Well build. Many of the residents of Gayaza are farmers and hunters. Crops planted include pumpkin, maize, potatoes, beans and casava.

Currently the residents of Gayaza collect their water from a man made trench on the property of a farmer, Mr. Asharvin. The trench on Mr. Asharvin's land was built to provide water for his cows. During the driest months, the water runs very low without consistent rain to refill it. If the water comes close to drying out, Mr. Asharvin is forced to close the trench to his neighbors.


We'd love for you to join us in getting to know the beautiful people of Gayaza. Let's introduce you to a few:


Meet Alan. Alan is 7 years old and lives in Gayaza with his father, Mr. Okumu Venansio, his mother, brothers and sisters. Alan has a very contagious smile. He spends half of his days at school, and the bigger part of the evening playing foot ball fetching water and helping do work in the garden. He likes to go hunting with the dogs and his brothers. He's a very friendly, inquisitive child. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. His thoughts on the Well that will be built in his village "it will be good because I will not have to walk longer and cant wait to see how it will look like. This Well will be the first fresh water source in Alan's village.

Mr. Gabriel

Mr. Gabriel Bukenya commonily known as "Gabulyeli" is 82 years old and has lived in Gayaza for over 80 years.  He lives alone and has had 3 children. Mr Bukenya keeps goats and some times burns charcoal for a living. His thoughts on the Well that will be built in his village, "This is some thing good and we pray that it happens because, we are tired of taking dirty water at least we will finally have some clean water after this while." Mr. Bukenya would like to say that he is not as strong as before so his body cant manage the dirty water and having clean water will improve on his health and quality of life.


One year old Angela cries hard and laughs hard. Her smile lights up the village. She can usually be found glued to her mothers side. She doesn't understand the water problem in her home and village but we all understand how giving her dirty and contaminated water affects her health. With poor health her and fellow young stars are always sick and needing  to be dewormed, which unfortunately never happens. The water is the reason for the extended stomachs of Angela and the other babies and children. Angela has no idea that the same water she uses to drink and bath and that cooks her food is also what makers her feel sick. We look forward to seeing Angela continue to run around and smile to the world in good health as we bring clean safe and usable water to her village.

The residents of Gayaza are a happy people. Though life is difficult in this rural area of Uganda, they do and make the most of their time. You can often find folks playing hand made string instruments like the Adungu, hand made drums blended with sound from any locally available items like chairs, basins, old plastic buckets and pieces of wood singing on a hot evening.  The singing and dancing is a huge part of their life that helps create a community bond as they sip on local beer and some times enjoy the meat from their hunt.

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